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Set of 2 cups and saucers, glazed in Dune


Handmade ceramic cups and saucers.

This set comes with two cups and two saucers.

Each pieces was hand thrown on a potter's wheel in a dark brown clay and glazed in Dune.

This set is part of a series of new pieces made from a rich dark clay body. It gives a more rustic, handmade look, showing more variation in the glaze. These new pieces embrace the Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi, seeing the beauty in imperfection.

Cups measure approx. 2.75” tall x 2.8" wide

Hold approx. 6 oz

Saucers measure approx 5.4" wide

Hand washing recommended.

Always use caution with hot liquids and ensure the ceramic has cooled sufficiently before handling.


Paulova ceramics are small batch and entirely handmade. Some variation is to be expected. The glazes I use are matte to semi-matte. Please be advised that a matte glaze surface can be more susceptible to cutlery marks than a glossy glaze. I have found that using a bit of Bar Keepers Friend with a soft sponge works like a charm to remove any metal markings.

If you are very particular about exact size, color, or perfection, feel free to contact me before placing an order.

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